All systems are functional.

Past incidents

Sunday 19th August 2018

Nothing to report

Saturday 18th August 2018

Nothing to report

Friday 17th August 2018

Nothing to report

Thursday 16th August 2018

Nothing to report

Wednesday 15th August 2018

Synoptek services restored

We received the all clear message from Synoptek's VP.

"All of the services should be restored. We will be doing a full Root Cause Analysis. But some quick preliminary information is the biggest impact was between 4-5 ET. For the most part, this would not have impacted customers that were logged in at the time, and only would have impacted customers trying to log in during that window. There were some lingering clean up items that would have impacted some customers up until 6:30 ET."

If any field Technicians are running into issues, a restart of SWRemote is most likely needed.

Synoptek outage

It appears that Synoptek is currently down again.

Synoptek connection issues

We just received a message that Synoptek was updating some security software on their Servers. The outage was unexpected. They said that the majority of services should now be restored.

However, some Techs are still reporting that they can't connect. Connection will most likely take some additional time to fully restore.

Connection issues with Synoptek

We have received reports of connection issues for customers using Synoptek.

Tuesday 14th August 2018

Nothing to report

Monday 13th August 2018

Nothing to report